High Bright RGB LED Strip 150 LED's 36W, 5 meters reel


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12 or 24 Volts High Bright RGB LED STRIP 36Watt (5 meters reel)

Color changing flexible led strip lights with 8Lm 5050 Chip


Flexible, Slim line, Ease of installation, Very long life, 1200 lumen (5 meters)


SMD Light Strip 150 RGB LEDs
8Lm/LED - 5M 1200Lm

LED View Angle: 120 Degrees
Printed Circuit Board Thickness:

Operating Power: DC (Common Anode)
12V DC - 0.6A/meter - 24V DC - 0.3A/meter
LED View Angle: 120 Degrees
Printed Circuit Board Thickness:

Package: 5m/Reel Gross
Weight: 150 gram

When mixing the 3 basic colors (R,G,B) can perform a VERY clear white light and definitely.
Any other color combination can be perfectly achieved using an RGB controller.


The full color RGB LED strip series is a family of flexible, super high brightness LED strip lighting designed for use in interior applications.

Its small size, cool light output and modular design give it flexibility in installation into confined spaces such as pelmets, coffers and coves.

 The 100 to 120 degrees wide angle beam ensures that the surface being illuminated is bright and even. The self adhesive backing tape (Brand: 3M) also lends itself for use in furniture, room and lighting/display design.

One meter of RGB LED strip produces equivalent light output to a 35w halogen lamp. Using the appropriate led controller it is possible to adjust the brightness of the led without any flickering (not all led controllers are capable for led dimming).

Installation Tips: 

RGB Led strip is a 4 wire common anode polarity product.

The LED strip may be cut to fit into installations if necessary. Cutting marks are printed on the ribbon and must be adhered to. The smallest workable segment of the RGB Strip is 100mm long and contains 3 full colors LEDs.

 The Ribbon may be curved around small radii provided there are no LED components on the bend and the force does not crease the ribbon.

 The Ribbon should be secured down immediately to avoid cyclic fatigue and breakage.

It is advised to use a wrist strap during soldering to remove any static electricity. Static electricity may damage the LEDs and other Ribbon components!


Every RGB Led Strip Reel (5 meters) ships complete with 1 extra 4 pins "solder-less" connector and also one 4 pins connector "joint" that can be used to join 2 pieces of RGB Led strip together without any soldering. 

Hi, can your RGB led ribbon be cut to size?? if so at what size intervals? if so could you advise me on what power supply and driver i would need.
If you won't exceed 5 meters of RGB Led strip then you will need only one 4A (12V) switch mode power supply and an RGB Led controller which can also control the brightness of the led strip (dimming).
It is very simple to estimate the required power supply; please follow the example bellow:
RGB Led Strip consumes 0.6A (at 12V) per meter, suppose I need to calculate what power supply should I buy for driving 15meters of RGB strip: 15 X 0.6 = 9A
Of course in this case of 15 meters, I could use 2 X 7.5 meters RGB strips and connect the first one directly at my RGB LED controller and for the second piece of 7.5 meters to use an RGB Led amplifier; so I would need a PSU (7.5 X 0.6= 4.5A) to connect the RGB controller and a second PSU of 4.5A to connect the second piece of 7.5 meters RGB strip at the amplifier.
Note that connecting an RGB led amplifier with the controller will require 4 cables from the controller to the amplifier; check RGB amplifier products into our website for more details on how to connect!
 On the RGB Led controller page it says there is a control button for white colour; how do you get white from an RGB Led strip?
An RGB led strip is actually a red, green and blue LED's that without a special controller they can just glow on their own colors. 
What happens now .... 
The controller can create any color by just mixing red, green and blue (the 3 basic colors). 
White is created by mixing red (100%) + green (100%) + blue (100%) and It is actually a cool white color that is created. With a DMX controller (or using Chromoflex RGB Led controller) you can also create warm white and many many other colors or chases ....

Hello, I would like to know if you carry the RGB-W LED STRIPS?

We advertise our Led Strip as RGB, but it also includes cool or warm white color by mixing red, green and blue colors!
With a professional RGB led controller as our Touch Sensor RGB remote/controller you can actually get any color including warm white, cool white, pink, orange, yellow, cyan etc.
 Simpler controllers as HL-CT-A have at least 7 pre-programmed colors.
Using a DMX 512 Led controller you may get million colors since color mixing may be user programmable. 

You will find similar strips (RGB) advertised as R/G/B/W but in reality it is just R,G,B, White color created by color mixing. Of course we already developed RGBW led controller that can driver the RGB led strip and a separate channel is available for a separate white led strip connection.

What I will need for installing 40 meters of RGB Led Strip 3 areas?
For 3 zones RGB Led Strip, Max. Up to 15 meters per area/Zone you will need the following items:

1. RGB Led controller, preferably dimmable (QTY:1)
2. Switching mode Led power supply 12.5A/12V (QTY:3)
3. RGB Led Amplifier (QTY:2)

In this configuration I suggested using an RGB amplifier and split the 40 meters in 3 zones, maximum length of RGB led strip NOT to exceed 15 meters/Zone. One piece (15 meters or less) to be connected directly on the RGB Led controller and second piece (15 meters or less) to get connected though the RGB Led Amplifier.

All 3 zones will be color and brightness (dimming) synchronized according to what command is chosen from the RGB Led controller which will actually be the "master" control unit. Note that the specific RGB Led controller is a single area unit, meaning that you cannot control the RGB LED strip brightness or colors separately for each zone!

For being able to independently control any of the 3 RGB Led zones (different brightness levels, scenes, or colors or even switch off any zone) you may use the new developed product "Touch Sensor Remote control" or for DMX512 professional applications you may try the "S.T.I.C.K" (Sunlite Touch-sensitive intelligent Control keypad); a unique concept perfectly adapted to the future requirements of the market of architectural lighting.

Please contact us for more information or support for advanced configurations.


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High Bright RGB LED Strip 150 LED's 36W, 5 meters reel

High Bright RGB LED Strip 150 LED's 36W, 5 meters reel

We offer the best LED product design, manufacturing service & production quality inspection.